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The Association “International Guitar Competition Maurizio Biasini” (Concorso Chitarristico Internazionale “Maurizio Biasini” - cciMB) is a non-profit organization, founded in 2010 in Bologna (Italy), but currently based in Basel, Switzerland. The aim of our competition, dedicated to the physicist and musician Maurizio Biasini, is to select young (between 18 and 35), exceptionally talented, classical guitarists and to contribute to the establishment of their professional career through musical events, concerts, and various promotional activities.

The prize money assigned to the three excelling performers can be considered as a study grant to support their professional development. Furthermore, the winner of the competition gets the opportunity to perform several solo recitals in different countries: Basel, Switzerland (Rising Stars Series of the Allgemeine Musikgesellschaft Basel), Bologna (Music Association Conoscere la Musica Mario Pellegrini) and France (Festival International de Guitare de Paris).

The competition rotates its location between cities dedicated to music performance and education, Bologna (Italy, 2011), Basel (Switzerland, 2013), San Francisco (USA, 2016), and Paris (France, 2018), where through the organisation of accompanying events (concerts, a commissioned composition, educational initiatives) and a close collaboration with the city’s Conservatory of Music, it contributes to the musical creativity of each community and in particular at engaging its younger audience and musicians. The competition, thus, represents a unique opportunity for cultural exchange and a stimulating meeting place for creative musicians.

During the competition, the participants are invited to take part in various musical events, which are organized in close collaboration with the Conservatory through the active involvement of one or more Jury members, who take turn in organizing the event at their institution. On the long-term, we hope this will create a true international and intercultural platform for exchange of guitar expertise and excellence between Conservatories in various countries.

  • 2016

    • New Music Ensemble
    • Marc Teicholz
    • Conservatory Guitar Ensemble
    • David Tanenbaum
    • Cristóbal Selamé
    • Emanuele Buono
  • 2013

    • David Tanenbaum
    • Stephan Schmidt
    • Yair Klartag
  • 2016

    • 1st Prize: Marcho Topchii
    • 2nd Prize: Clément Charpentier
    • 3rd Prize: Andrew Blanch
  • 2013

    • 1st Prize: Emanuele Buono
    • 3rd Prize: Fabian Cardozo
    • 3rd Prize: Marko Topchii
  • 2011

    • 1st Prize: Petrit Çeku
    • 2nd Prize: Emanuele Buono
    • 3rd Prize: Srdjan Bulat
    • Special Prize: Fabian Cardozo
International Guitar Competition Maurizio Biasini, Paris 2018 posterInternational Guitar Competition Maurizio Biasini, San Francisco 2016 posterInternational Guitar Competition Maurizio Biasini, Basel 2013 posterInternational Guitar Competition Maurizio Biasini, Bologna 2011 poster
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