Fernando Sor

Méthode Complète pour la Guitare, 1830


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After Sor’s death, a pupil of his, Napoleon Coste, did a disservice to his friend’s memory by bringing out a travesty of the original called Méthode complète pour la Guitare par Ferdinand Sor, rédigée et augmentée de nombreux exemples et leçons ... par N. Coste. This was translated into Spanish, and it may still be in print and still using the name of Sor; the reader should be warned that it bears little resemblance to the original.—Later in the century, in 1897, Frank Mott Harrison published in London a Method for the Guitar by Ferdinando Sor, a work of small value which says (of course wrongly) that the original was written in Spanish. Mercifully, this is at least now out of print.
Brian Jeffery, preface to the Tecla edition of Sor's Method.

The closest English version to the original is the translation by A. Merrick.

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About the author

Fernando Sor or Josep Ferran Sorts i Muntades (baptized 14 February 1778 – died 10 July 1839) was a Spanish classical guitarist and composer. While he is best known for his guitar compositions, he also composed music for a wide range of genres, including opera, orchestra, string quartet, piano, voice, and ballet. Sor's contemporaries considered him to be the best guitarist in the world, and his works for guitar have been widely played and reprinted since his death.


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